When we Reach Up, we look to God as our source. We admit that we cannot carry ourselves, that He is our strength and source. (Phil. 4:13).

When we Reach In, we set our hearts on discipleship, always seeking the Lord’s presence in our life, to be true followers of Jesus Christ (Matt. 16:24).

When we Reach Out, we seek to fulfill the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations, to love as He loved us (Matt. 5:16, 28:19).



If you've never attended Resurrection Life Big Rapids before, here is what you should know...

Services last only an hour, and they always start with praise and worship. After a contemporary music style worship session,  a message is preached from one of the staff pastors, followed by offering and fellowship time. The staff/volunteers strive to make RLCBR unlike any other church, by making a point to meet any first time visitors. So don't be shy! Fill out a "New Here" card!

Pre-Register your kid for NXTGEN Check In

If you have kiddos, and you want to pre-register them into NXTGEN, use the form below to speed up the process for yourself come Sunday morning.